Production Dynamics

The projects development consists on a set number of phases: cutting, assembly and finishing that must culminate in excellent products.

The technical thoroughness, the interior constructions, the pattern making, the certainty of the best wearability and fit, are the most crucial factors on the production of any piece. At the end, there is a test that allows me to certify the quality of the product, to ensure that the various interventions were able to finish a piece with high distinction.

Production Knitwear & Jerseys

Also in my duties is the development of KNITWEAR and JERSEY.

I control and develop the entire production process from simple yarn selection to the final product.

The design, the desired set, is important data for the selection of the best product from the best manufacturer.

Defining the best finishes according to the best yarn is very important.

The type of knitted or circular mesh gives the product a high distinction.

After that I get the best product, jackets, sweaters, very elaborate pieces, with leather applications, distinguish my work.

Production Accessories 

The construction of exclusive accessories is a fundamental task in order to embrace the numerous tastes entangled with the female personality.

The search for immediate satisfaction in everyday life obliges me to always develop innovative and different products.
Development of exclusive hardware to achieve the best details, the best leathers and adornments are major requirements.
The selection of sustainable materials, aimed towards the protection of the planet are also part of my commitment.

For any given collection, the ones I have already developed and those I have in mind, I aim to bring the accessories to the story we want to tell as close as possible. The pieces are always of limited construction, and I choose to offer value ​​that makes these products something really special.


Details painting


Natural leather bag


Polished leather boot


In order to develop projects and brands, I'm always present in the world's best trade fairs and events in Milan, Paris or London.

Perfectly framed with each of the projects, I select the best raw materials, which bestow to the collections the characteristics previously defined by the creative direction.

The sustainability aspects in the manufacture of raw materials are increasingly influential in the selection of fabrics, or any other accessories that mingle in the projects development.

The design of exclusive accessories, buttons, badges, or any detailed pieces helps me to highlight the unique traits of the pieces.

Trends, colors, and textures close each selection with the certainty that I contribute to the design of a modern and innovative product.

Brands sell the sum of all the work; they tell the final story.