I studied in Italy, where I graduated in fashion from Instituto Marangoni.
At the end of this course, I had the opportunity to specialize in some renowned and prestigious companies, such as Group Prada, Etierre, Fay and Santoni, where I acquired a lot of experience and specialization in several sectors of fashion, which until today are entirely useful for me.
So I started my professional career in the 90s, with my projects and brands.
After a long journey, in 2009 I started to collaborate with several national and international concepts.
I participated in fashion shows, made numerous productions, participated in communication campaigns for different brands.
I consider myself persistent and inspiring, with a strong entrepreneurial and leadership character, capable of involving teams and professionals.


The collections that I design and create are supported by a high precision in the design, preparation and assembly, always ending up in very distinct pieces.

The creative process starts with the idea, it can be the picture, the scene or a sentence brought to life by joyful pieces.


I develop a production of multi-product RTW collections for numerous fashion brands looking for quality, know-how and great service.

I work closely with major Ready-to-Wear brands I provide support and inspiration in the development of their collections.
I Adapt to the needs of customer and offer customized solutions for both vertical and CMT productions.
I manage the production chain, up until thedelivery of the final product: design, development, raw materials sourcing, production, quality control and logistics.


Create Innovation, with high technology, the best teams, the best professionals, to manufacture any model or project, always focused on customer satisfaction.
The production of fashion pieces must benefit from the fabric revolution, nanotechnology, the automation of production lines, 3D printing must be increasingly present for a better customization of the apparel industry.


The 3D technology truly revolutionized the textile industry.
With this technology, you can have an overview of different styles in just some hours, even before obtaining the final prototype.
3D technology is the technology that has had the most impact in the fashion industry!
This is a processing technology: it is possible to have an idea of the completed prototype in just some hours.
You can also improve the patterns, and see immediately the results, even before the cutting process.


With fashion trends constantly changing, also in the way that customers discover the product, every minute changes the way to enhance and motivate the construction of collections.

Born from various inspirations, the finishes, details, prints, patterns and colours are mixed here or there with different cuts, giving the collections a unique soul and feel.
Therefore, creating brands and products obeys to something different, something that runs through the imagination differentiates itself from other stories and brands.
The winning brands and strategies are the ones with a strong coordination with the aim of surprising, and generating emotions for the end customer.


To any handbag, shoe or accessory, I will always give them a special touch of innovative design, without ever forgetting the technical aspects and the contemporary value, aiming to be differentiated in this vast market of today. 


I develop the interior design of the stores, always suited to the collections and lifestyle of the brands.

Innovative, fluid architectures that contribute to good results.


Any project where I participate always involves communication, it is one of the key items of the creative direction, one of the most sensitive areas. 
The product has been thought, the collection is already presented, the next step is always to communicate, it is crucial to surprise.


These are times of change for Fashion, there is a transformation in the ways of approaching the customers, in the construction of collections, in the necessary rotation of the Product and synchronization with the Industry, among other structures. 

New ways of dressing. More technical, versatile and useful products. Environmental commitments and strategies of this new world, contribute as well for the industry to revolutionize its production methods, converging towards better sustainability and performance.